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10 Jun

Late last year a collection of the most popular songs by Vladimir Vysotsky, as well as other authors, translation into English was published.

Unique translations were made by Alexander Spiridonov, Chairman of the Board of Aerofuels International, a successful businessman, a translator and a man creative in his all undertakings and projects. The book had a lively response of the readers and was highly appreciated by professionals, leading professors of the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of Moscow State Linguistic University.

According to S.V.Brand, Senior Professor of Department of English language Translation and Interpretation, one of the merits of the translations offered to readers is that they are skillfully sustained in the relevant meter and number in line with the rhyme, thanks to which texts in English can be easily put to original music. Accurate reproduction of images born by the Russian and Soviet environment of the 20th century enables a foreigner, not familiar with the primary texts, in some degree to feel a power and depth of the original works, and enables the Russian-speaking reader to open favorite and so familiar songs in a new way and quite unexpectedly.

06 Jun

On May 21st Aerofuels Ulyanovsk JSC for the second time got the Certificate of Conformity for jet fuel supply of air services in the international airport of Koltsovo (Yekaterinburg). The Certificate confirms that Aerofuels Ulyanovsk meets all requirements for arrangement of the whole complex of services for aircrafts refueling with jet kero and anti-icing fluid according to the Federal Aviation Regulations. Certification was held within the civil aviation facilities Voluntary Certification System of the Ministry of Transport of Russia.

Aerofuels Ulyanovsk has been refueling flights of the Russian and international airlines in the airport of Koltsovo since January 2016. The Company possesses their own jet fuel, up-to-date refuelers, and offers to their customers advantageous price conditions, as well as quick high-quality service satisfying the Russian and international standards.

Aerofuels Ulyanovsk is a member of the refueling complexes network of Aerofuels Group, and for more than ten years has been successfully operating in the airport of Ulyanovsk-Vostochny with a high quality refueling of the Russian and international air carriers being guaranteed. TZK is equipped with the up-to-date refueling equipment, has its own fuel-oil depot located on the territory of the airport, and a railway siding making it possible to deliver oil products regularly and uninterruptedly.

29 May

On May 22nd the experimental aircraft MS-21-300 equipped with a passenger lounge having made a non-stop flight from Irkutsk arrived at Ulyanovsk for painting by series technologies. After works executed by Spektr-Avia, Ulyanovsk company, in the airport of Ulyanovsk-Vostochny, the airplane started off for the airport of Ramenskoye (the town of Zhukovsky, Moscow Region) where flight tests will continue on the territory of the aerodrome of Gromov Flight Research Institute.

Before flying to the airport of Ramenskoye MS-21-300 was refueled by Aerofuels Ulyanovsk, one of the oldest subsidiary companies of Aerofuels Group of Companies.

MS-21 (a long-range aircraft of the XXI century) belongs to a new generation passenger airplanes targeted at a mass segment of the world airliners market. At the present time within the program aircraft MS-21-300 (160-211 seats) and aircraft MS-21-200 (130-176 seats) are under design.