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27 Jan

As of 2014 results the total volume of aviation fuel used by the Group of Companies Aerofuels in Russian and abroad exceeds 700 thousand tons. At the present time Aerofuels provides the Russian and international airlines with jet kero in 30 Russian airports and in over 1000 international airports.

During the year investments in the airport infrastructure and equipment of the refueling complexes (TZK) have grown; growth made 30% to the invested funds of 2013. One of the examples of the successful implementation of the company investment policy is purchase and delivery to different TZK of new airdrome refuellers based on Volvo and compliant with all modern Russian and international requirements to aircraft refueling. More than 180 million rubles were invested in purchase of new refuellers in 2014. They have a number of advantageous characteristics making possible to refuel airplanes in compliance with IATA standards, Airbus and Boing manufacturers requirements, as well as the Russian aviation industry. The orders were placed in the Russian enterprises which products proved their worth in different operation and climatic conditions in the Russian airports. All refuellers are equipped with the reliable components of the domestic and foreign manufacture.

Since April 2014 the alternative TZK of full technological cycle operated by the joint stock company Shell and Aerofuels has been working in Domodedovo airport. TZK possesses all required certificates of conformance to jet kero acceptance, storage and supply and into- plane refueling. At the present time there are two refueling operators in Domodedovo airport: Shell and Aerofuels and Domodedovo Fuel Services. Appearance of the alternative TZK and competitive environment in the local air jet market provided more beneficial price conditions for the consumers. End of 2014 also was marked by a significant success of the joint company: in December their own TZK construction was completed in Pulkovo airport (St.Petersburg) and licenses and certificates of storage, supply for refueling and into-plane refueling were received. The modern laboratory of aviation fuels quality control certified in compliance with the Russian and the international standards is operating in TZK.

In 2014 Aerofuels refueling complexes (TZK) network grew up to 22 units with regard to launching of new TZK in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (September 2014), Izhevsk and Nizhny Novgorod (December 2014):

- TZK OOO Aerofuels Kamchatka - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk has been supplying fuel to regular flights of civil aviation since August 01st, 2014. The first customers of Aerofuels in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk are S7 (Sibir airline) and Gazpromavia. To provide a high-quality into-plane refueling four modern refuellers were delivered to TZK. Aviation fuels store-house belonging to TZK satisfies all modern norms and requirements to jet kero acceptance, storage and refueling procedure. TZK possesses its own modern certified aviation fuel quality control laboratory;

- new TZK within Aerofuels network has been working in Izhevsk airport since December 2014. On-plane refueling is made by the Izhevsk branch of Aerofuels-Perm company possessing their own modern refueling equipment and personnel. TZK has a full certificate of conformance to aviation fuel supply issued by the Federal Air Transport Agency;

- In the end of 2014 Aerofuels successfully and in full scope fulfilled their obligations in investment project regarding the refueling complex (TZK) in Nizhny Novgorod, as well as railroad sidetrack, which construction and infrastructure development in Nizhny-Novgorod airport cost more than 700 million rubles. The TZK was designed for 10900 m3 and consists of a complex of administration buildings and constructions, fuel loading point and their own railroad sidetrack and loading rack per six rail tank cars. TZK received all required licenses and aviation fuel supply certificates of conformance.

On January 05th, 2015, TZK successfully made the first refueling of the Orenburzhje airline regular flight in Nizhny Novgorod airport.

Last year Aerofuels management and staff took active part in different departmental international events including the international conference Aviation Fuel (February 2014, Moscow) where the company was represented as a partner, and the IATA annual professional conference (November 2014, the United Arab Emirates).


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